TM1651 Arduino Library and Examples for New Style 10 LED Color Battery Display




Introduction: TM1651 Arduino Library and Examples for New Style 10 LED Color Battery Display

I have adapted the code of a 6 LED Battery Display for the new colored version with tm1651 10 LED-Battery-Display to operate it.

The code for the new 10 LED display is not yet public. I could not find anything.

I have therefore made the effort to adapt the library and the examples

Please note: The chip and the circuit is only designed for 7 LEDs.

Grid 2,3,4 from the TM1651 are not used.

These are required for 4x 7 segment displays.

Two red and 2x2 green are controlled at the same time.

Expiration from Display:

2x red, 1x yellow, 1x yellow, 1x yellow, 2x green, 2x green, 1x blue

Step 1: Order Stuff

1x Arduino Uno R3

1x 10 LED Color Battery Display Typ: OPEN-SMART CX10*4RY68 4Color from ebay

1x Arduino IDE 1.6.5

Step 2: Install Arduino IDE

Start Arduino IDE 1.6.5, go to rider Sketch,
then go to Include-library then Add.Zip-library, then select my modified ZIP-File and install in IDE. Now you can start the example using raider File...Example... BatteryDisplay.

The original example and library was
Published by: Fred.Chu USA

Excuse my layout and my english, this is my first try. ;-)

Enjoy your time

Greetings from Germany

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    7 months ago

    Dear All,
    As Open Smart made a poor design when they change to the 10 LEDs display, I choose to construct my own circuit. As you know the TM1651 is able to handle 4x7 segments so there is no problem to drive 10 segments, you just need to properly connect not only GRID1 pin but to connect GRID2 pin (Open Smart chooses to reduce the number of independant segments and used only GRID1). So GRID1 will drive the first 7 segments (from Red, Orange to Green) and GRID2 will drive the three remaining segments (form Green to Blue). It's fairly easy to modify the original software to have a perfect 10 levels battery monitor. If anyone is interested in the design, don't hesitate to ask me to send you more information at


    Question 2 years ago

    Hello, where did you find the library for 7 led battery dsplay?

    Julien LaPointe
    Julien LaPointe

    3 years ago

    Thank you @dege45! Much appreciated!!


    4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)