Introduction: TM1651 Arduino Library and Examples for New Style 10 LED Color Battery Display

I have adapted the code of a 6 LED Battery Display for the new colored version with tm1651 10 LED-Battery-Display to operate it.

The code for the new 10 LED display is not yet public. I could not find anything.

I have therefore made the effort to adapt the library and the examples

Please note: The chip and the circuit is only designed for 7 LEDs.

Grid 2,3,4 from the TM1651 are not used.

These are required for 4x 7 segment displays.

Two red and 2x2 green are controlled at the same time.

Expiration from Display:

2x red, 1x yellow, 1x yellow, 1x yellow, 2x green, 2x green, 1x blue

Step 1: Order Stuff

1x Arduino Uno R3

1x 10 LED Color Battery Display Typ: OPEN-SMART CX10*4RY68 4Color from ebay

1x Arduino IDE 1.6.5

Step 2: Install Arduino IDE

Start Arduino IDE 1.6.5, go to rider Sketch,
then go to Include-library then Add.Zip-library, then select my modified ZIP-File and install in IDE. Now you can start the example using raider File...Example... BatteryDisplay.

The original example and library was
Published by: Fred.Chu USA

Excuse my layout and my english, this is my first try. ;-)

Enjoy your time

Greetings from Germany