Introduction: Arduino Light Intensity Lamp

Welcome to my tutorial on how to build and code a light Intensity Lamp with an Arduino. You will need these components in order to build this.


* Arduino microcontroller

* Lightbulb

* Relay

* A power source

* Breadboard

* 1 k-ohm resistor

Hopefully this guide is able to help you build this awesome little project.

Step 1: Giving Power and Ground to the Breadboard

This step is just about how the breadboard should be given power and ground, this is a very basic step and is crucial for starting this project.

Step 2: The LDR - Light Dependent Resistor

the nest step is to add the LDR which will be integral for getting the lightbulb to turn on, and will allow s more freedom in how we control the voltage and amperage. We will also be adding a resistor to help control the voltage that will be given to the LDR in the alter steps.

Step 3: The Relay

This step is all about adding the relay as the lightbulb will need more volts than the Arduino can provide hence the relay will be able to connect the lightbulb to the external power source while still taking commands from the Arduino microcontroller.

Step 4: Light Bulb

The Light Bulb is the object that we will be trying to turn on with the help of the relay. It is connected to the relay as the relay will be directing the power from the external power source to the lightbulb to turn it on.

Step 5: Power Source

Now we will add the External power source. this power source is necessary for this circuit as the Arduino can not power the light bulb by itself, the external power source will be connected to the relay and to the light bulb itself. Wiring the External power source correctly along with all the other components will complete the circuit. However the coding portion still remains.

Step 6: Arduino Code

After the circuit has been completed all that is left to this project is the code, as the circuit will not work on its own and must be given some commands. This code will allow the LDR to work with the relay to give the lightbulb enough volts to turn on. It is also programmed so that the brightness that the LDR receives has an impact on how many volts the relay gives to the lightbulb.