Introduction: Arduino Lock

Arduino door or anything lock .
arduino board
servo motor
9v battery
led light

Step 1: Connect the Keypad With Arduino

connect the keypad as the photo ....step 1

Step 2: Connect Servo to the Arduino

connect the servo to the arduino as the photo..

Step 3: Connect the Led Light

connect the led light if you want it when pass is true yellow light turn on
when is wrong red turn on .....
connect lights in breadboard the take tow jumpers from the yellow and the red as the photo
then connect the red like this
- side to gnd
+ side to 13
green light
- side to gnd
+side to 12

Step 4: Code

you can download the code from here..... ......if you have 4*4 keypad change as the photo.........if you dont know from where to press download see the5 photo ?
you need
password and servo library download from here:
servo :

password :

and enjoy it ..thank you
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