Introduction: Arduino MIDI Drums

Ever wondered to learn drums but you can't afford a drum set or don't have enough space to store the drum set.

Easily make a MIDI drum set at home using Arduino under ₹800($10).


7x Piezo Discs

7x 1M ohm carbon resistor


Foam paper

PVC pipes


Soldering Iron


Nuts & Bolts

Step 1: Creating Structure

Use PVC pipes to give basic structure to the drum set

Using wood cut 4 circles and 2 quater circles

Cut Foam paper similarly

Use pieces of wood to make a pedal like structure as given in figure

Step 2: Soldering and Connecting Piezos

(Do This For All Piezos)

Solder the negative terminal of Piezo to the 1M ohm resistor

Place the piezo discs between the foam paper and wood individually like given in figure

Place a piezo disc in the wooden pedal

Step 3: Attaching to Arduino

Attach the wires from the piezo discs to the arduino as given in figure

Attach all the discs to Arduino to anlog pins from A0 to A6

Step 4: Softwares

Install Following softwares

Hairless (Serial to MIDI bridge)

Fl Studio

LoopBe1 (Virtual MIDI driver)

After installing the softwares:

start hairless and connect to the arduino serial port and MIDI out as loopBe1

open Fl Studio go to plugin database->drums->FPC

in FPC click on second row first column -> click on note and change to D4

Step 5: Adding Code to Arduino

Use the following code and upload to arduino

Step 6: Enjoy Your Drum Set!!!!