Introduction: Arduino Mario Melody Tune

Step 1:

This Cool Arduino project help us to Create & Play world famous Mario video game theme tune, by using a single buzzer / speaker and Arduino board we can do this project. Different frequency tones are created by the Note code and played in different timing levels makes a melody tune and a piezo buzzer or Speaker reproduce as a sound, this is the basic operation of Arduino melody tune generator.

Step 2: Arduino Mario Melody Hookup

Instead of connecting the Piezo buzzer / Speaker to Arduino digital pin, the SL100 transistor connected as a driver unit between Arduino and speaker to produce high volume tunes.

Step 3: Schematic

Connect +5V from Arduino power Pin to speaker / buzzer positive terminal, connect another pin to transistor collector pin, D3 of Arduino connected to transistor base through 100Ω Resistor and emitter directly connected to Ground.

Step 4: Arduino Mario Code

Get arduino code for mario melody here.

Step 5:

NOTE: Place the Arduino tone melody code and mario.h files in same ide window like this.

Step 6: Required Components