Introduction: Arduino Meet IPhone Enclosure

Hello instructabots, I've lurked on this site occasionally, but this is my first published post. I'm also using this to experiment with the instructables app. So far so good!

Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it was meant to be. But the Arduino UNO fits perfectly in an empty iPhone 5/s box.

I hate to see stuff waste so I turned this box into an enclosure for my Arduino with some space for a custom board, perf board or prototyping board.

I have not done a full write up for this - it's fairly straight forward. The pictures says it all.

Tools -
* exacto knife ( careful - the box is thick and the knife is sharp)

Process - measure the ports in the Arduino, mark it and cut it out on the box and cover.

I've added a servo on the box top for an ultrasonic motion sensor that I was experimenting with, but you can do anything really.

What I'd do better next time: I'd use a 3/8 drill bit for the opening for the power port access a

I'd use a similar drilled hole as a starter hole for the USB port.