Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Plate

Introduction: Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Plate

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3D printable Arduino Mega prototyping plate.

I broke the plate into 2 pieces to allow for printing on smaller 3D build platforms (solid model also provided).

You can use the free 123D app available @ and download my file @ and create your own rapid proto plate/box for your Arduino Mega!  I also have a write up on general 3D printing at home here:

Now you can send that beautiful $55 board out on your next physically aggressive project with confidence.  I also built in a sliding trap door for lower plate egress as well as top box openings that help extend your leads to sensors, motors etc all while protecting your board.

Oh, and if you run an Ethernet shield I have included a box top that can house both boards perfectly.

Oh, oh, and if you run an Uno check out my Uno Protection Box here:

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the build and Make On!

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    6 years ago

    Hello i have Printed this BASE its GReat. But i can not Find the COVER for it


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very well designed, !! two more thumbs up.

    I'll be printing one of these once I finish assembling my Printrbot :D

    Why the two piece design?

    Nice idea with the biscuit joints though, how well do the recessed slots come out when printed? I presume they glue together?

    Is the idea with the sliding trap door to trim the slider to fit around the cables etc so it full closes while clamping the cables?

    Oh, and how stable is 123D now? I tried it a while ago but it was problematic.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Michael,

    The 2 piece setup was due to my and many other early 3D printers max build envelope of at/under 5". I maintained a full plate version in the source files so you can take advantage of a single print using larger build platforms.

    The 3 biscuits slide in easily but keep rigidity of connection so as to not necessitate adhesion although you certainly could with Acetone cleanly and easily.

    I put the trap doors in both bottom and top of box so you can choose your adventure regarding your circuit expansion. I had to have a lower plate egress for my biped robot:

    123D is still a bit buggy but shows promise. I can email you a .skp file if you like.

    I am really interested in hearing how your Printbot treats you!