Introduction: Arduino Mega ILI9486 Enclosure

About: I'm technician on Electronic (Data Acquisition System) with a Technological University Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing. Arduino and 3D Print are my hobbies.

This project is made for a screen ILI9486 and an Arduino Mega.

I designed the shape for a perfect adaptation to screen and Arduino Mega connectors.

This is not the full project, just the 3D enclosure for an ILI9486 only.

It designed with Autocad.

I use it for a Weather Station. Some projects on supplies.


Step 1: Design of Pieces

Is this composed by two pieces.

Top and Cover separatly:

- Top: 4 screws fix the screen to the plastic.

- Cover: There is two version, one with an hole for a DHT11 sensor, other without (need to scale at 10% in Cura)

You need to convert STL file on a format readable by your printer. For me it's G-Code with CURA.

Step 2: Print Pieces

Put readable files on your 3D printer and print them.

Don't forget to calibrate your printer before began.

Back need 3h10 printing time.

Top need 1h27 printing time.

You could assemble the two parts by melting the sides and joining the pieces.

Step 3: Code Arduino Mega for Weather Station Example

Screen & Board (~15€):

For make Weather Station you need 2xNRF24, Arduino Nano, DHT11, DHT22, DS1307, 18650 element and charging board.

Here you could look my code that is used for this screen.

Define this:

#include //Core graphics library

#include //Hardware-specific library

Build with:

LCDWIKI_KBV ecranlcd(ILI9486,40,38,39,-1,41); //model,cs,cd,wr,rd,reset

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