Arduino Midi Launchpad (Neopixel Button Based)

Introduction: Arduino Midi Launchpad (Neopixel Button Based)

In market there are lots of variety for midi controller devices such as-(Launchpad, Electronic Drum)

This is my First project on Midi Device with Arduino that connect with a software in pc send midi data to serial data software. In this blog I will show you how to make one for use and control any music software. I am using FL Studio in this project just work fine but there are various of platform for Midi software can also work fine just need to connect properly. To make any midi project you need some basic music software knowledge. But if choose this project for professional studio music editing the DIY version is not good you can buy one. In this blog you are learning about a midi controller which follows:

Why a Arduino DIY version easy to make and cheap·

How to make one for easy use·

The complete circuit diagram/proper connection to solder every component to the Perf board.·

Complete coding with midi mapping·

How to Control them with a perfect Music software and Communicate with Serial Software.

Step 1: Parts Needed:

There are some components need in this project which you can buy from Hobby Electronics and Online Store.

Arduino Nano or Micro x1 ·

Tactile Switch x16 ·

Ws2811 Neopixel Led x16 ·

10k Pot Knob x4 ·

10k Fader potentiometer x4 ·

Female Header for arduino ·

Plain Wire

Step 2: ​Outer Enclosure and Design:

Here I am using 20x20cm Square board which place and glue with 6x20cm square board and make a complete Box. Adding some 16, 30mm hole in upper side for button, leds with 10mm space and also 4, 5cm linear cut for Slide potentiometer with 20mm space and also add 4 small hole for normal knob potentiometer that’s already include a mini nut bolt for tight the adjustment.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:

I make a suitable Circuit for it. Here in this Project the main tactile switches are connect with row and column situation because very low counts of pin in Arduino Nano and save some pins to connect other component like potentiometer and Neopixel led. The simple connection for this is that 10k Knob and 10k Fader Potentiometer just 3 simple pin VCC, Analog, Gnd pin which all VCC pins Connect to Arduino +5v Pin and All GND Pin connect to Arduino GND Pin but all analog pin connect separately one bye one in Arduino analog pin like this Knob Pot-{A0,A1,A2,A3}, Fader Pot-{A4,A5,A6,A7} which follows the Schematic diagram:-

Step 4: Code and Software Information:

The simple arduino code just Download From this Link-Download From Here

Compile and upload it to the code in Arduino Nano

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