Introduction: Arduino Modbus Master RTU and PLC Panasonic FPX C14R

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This time I have communicated the Arduino with Panasonic PLC and I checked the Arduino useful in the industrial field direfencia of the previous tutorials I've tested both devices communicating via RS - 232.


1. The arduino sent via modbus ADC value 0 to Holding Register 0 and the plc into a strategy compared as follows 1- If ADC Arduino> 500 relay output PLC = 1 2 else PLC relay output = 0

2. The PLC send the value 2 of its potentiometers from 0 to 1000 and displayed on the display arduino Oled the respective values

Step 1: PLC Panasonic FPX C14R

Programmable Logic Controller used in industrial in this case the family FPX panasonic (Aromat - Nais)
This PLC has Modbus RTU protocol as master and slave To configure a teacher must create a strategy, if set as slave does not require code as the default plc is a slave and records are automatically routed.

DT0 = Holding Register [0]

DT1 = Holding Register [1]

The control strategy of these PLC is done in the software FPWIN Pro

Step 2: Code Arduino Y MAX232

The arduino is configured as RTU Master to read 10 and write 10 Holding Registers y conection MAX232

Arduino Master Modbus RTU In 5 Minutes Part 1

Arduino Master Modbus RTU RS-232 In 5 Minutes Part 2

Components and materials required for testing

1 Arduino Mega 2560

1 Display Oled 128 x 64 I2c

1 Converter TTL to RS232

1 Light pilot 24v

1 Controller PLC Panasonic FPX X14R

Step 3: Final Test