Introduction: Arduino Mood Light and Holder

Learn how to make your own Mood light out of an Arduino!!!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Your gonna want to gather these materials if you want to build the mood light:

1x Arduino Uno


3x 330 Omh Resistors

1x Breadboard

4x Jumper Cables

1x Milk Jug

The amount of wood depends on the size of the container you want to have! ;)

Step 2: Building the Container

First your gonna want cut out the base of your container:

I used two 2x4s with a length of 9 1/4 inches and used wood glue to put them together to hold it together.

After you cut out the base then your going to want to build the front and back sides:

For the sides I used once again two 2x4s per side with a length of 7 inches

For the bottom 2x4 on the back sides cut a opening in it to act as a storage for the future

On the front side your going to cut a spot for your phone to rest

You cut the rest depending on the size of your phone

After you cut out the resting spot then pit a piece of plywood to act as the support so your phone doesn't fall out

Then I connected them using wood glue

After you cut the front and back then you must cut out the sides:

I used 3/8 inch thick ply wood and cut it 7x7 inches per side

Then screw them into the front and back as shown above

You then going to cut a 6 inch long 2x4 and screw it into the back side of the container

Then your going to make the top of the box:

I used a piece of plywood which in my case was 10x7 inch

You will use the top later so don't screw it on yet

Step 3: Wiring

Connect long wires to the 10, 11, and 12 pins on the edge of your Arduino, and use the breadboard the link them to the resistors linked to the LEDS(as seen above). Run the GND pin on the Arduino to the black row on the breadboard (anywhere will do).

Step 4: Coding

Put this code into Arduino and verify to see if you did it right:

Step 5:

Then your gonna want to cut out the top the size of a half cut half gallon milk jug and put the arduino onto the shelf and put the jug on top
Then screw in the top

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