Introduction: Arduino Music and Lights Christmas Tree

This is one of my first Arduino projects, it's a Christmas tree that plays Jingle Bells song synchronized with Leds that goes on and off.

Step 1: Parts List.

For this project you need:

  1. An Arduino board
  2. A breadboard
  3. 3 220 Ω resistors
  4. 1 buzzer
  5. 6 LEDs
  6. 12 male/female cables
  7. 12 male/male cables

Step 2: Building the Circuit

To design the circuit I used Thinkercad, this free program helps me every time I need to design circuits.

Build the circuit copying the wiring from the image.

Step 3: Arduino Code.

In this code the first part commands the sound of the buzzer and the lighting of the LEDs, the second part manages the sound of the notes.

Step 4: Making the Christmas Tree

To make the Christmas tree I used some scrap plywood.

I drew a cardboard shape then I transferred it to the wood surface, and then I cut the profile using a jigsaw.

For the holes that hold the LEDs, I used a drill with 5 millimeters drillbit.

Step 5: Final Result

I assembled the circuit following the Thinkercad sketch then uploaded the program on my Arduino board and here's the result! Enjoy!

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