COVID-19 Mask Detector




Introduction: COVID-19 Mask Detector

Due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID 19) epidemic, only the staff can pass the entrance and exit of the Makerfabs office building, and must wear NFC masks specially customized by Makerfabs, which cannot be accessed by outsiders. But some people don't always wear masks. Therefore, we made a mask detector. If you wear an NFC mask, the door of the office building can be opened automatically. You can enter and exit freely, otherwise you will not be able to enter.

Step 1: Supplies



    • Arduino IDE

    Download link:

    Step 2: Connect

    L298N module -- Maduino Zero NFC

    • ENA -- D4 (GPIO4)
    • IN1 -- D5 (GPIO5)
    • IN2 -- D6 (GPIO6)

    The electromagnetic lock is connected to L298N OUT2.

    Step 3: Masks With NFC

    NFC stickers the size of nails are attached to masks, which are supplied free by Makerfabs

    Step 4: Install

    The Maduino Zero NFC module is fixed on the door, and the NFC antenna is attached to the side of the door to detect whether the staff is wearing a mask

    Step 5: Test

    Staff wearing masks near the door, the instrument detected wearing masks, the door opened, a few seconds later, the door automatically closed.

    Step 6: Code

    You can download the code from here to complete it.

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      2 years ago

      Hello, I want to simulate this project in proteus, is there a possibility because I don't find the library of maduino Zero NFC in proteus.


      Reply 2 years ago

      You don't understand my question, I need to build a circuit in proteus , I find the library of maduino Zero NFC in software arduino but I don't find it in proteus that is the problem. I find in proteus just Arduino mega, Arduino Nano.


      Question 2 years ago

      Hello, is a wonderful project, I need to simulate this project in proteus ISIS but I don't find the library of maduino Zero NFC, Is there a solution to simulate this project in other software. Add to this we need to battery to power L298N Module.