Introduction: Arduino Nano - Simple Weather Station With Clock

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Hello everybody,
so this project isn´t really a weather station, I would call it "Temperature station",
this project can show temperature & relative humidy inside of your room, and the temperature of the DS18B20 sensor outside of the house. It also shows the actual time from the RTC module.

The case is made of the 3mm thick plywood, if anybody needs an dxf file, let me know in comments :) .

This is my first tutorial there on the instructables, please be kind, thank you very much :) .


You will need:

Arduino Nano
RTC module (real time clock)
DH11 / DH22 temperature and humidity module (the DH22 is the more precise one)
DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
LCD display 16x2
Couple of jumper wires

Step 1: Start With the Breadboard Connections As the Scheme Is Showing

You can keep the HM11 module on the breadboard, because we want to measure room temperature. The DS18B20 Sensor should be on the cable, so you are able to put it somewhere outside through the window for example.

Other connections are simple, but don´t forget you have to use A4 and A5 (analog) pins for the RTC module, because those are only ones SDA and SCL pins on Nano (if I am right).

The picture with connections is made in Fritzing software.

Step 2: Downloading the Libraries and Uploading the Code to Arduino

There is the link to download sketch for Arduino Nano, and the used libraries in zip format:

Sketch and Libraries

Also the LiquidCrystal lib is used, but that one is already in Arduino IDE software included.

Thank you very much for attention, feel free to ask any questions, I will try to help if that is in my capabilities.

Have a nice day everyone :)