Introduction: Arduino Nano

About: Omar Silva-Zapata is co-founder of Robo-Geek Inc.

In this tutorial we will learn how to install Arduino IDE and connect the Arduino Nano compatible micro-controller.

To learn about what Arduino is, watch this quick video:

Step 1: Downloading the Arduino IDE

Watch the video and follow the steps carefully to install in your computer

Step 2: Connect Arduino Nano for the First Time

Follow the instructions in this video and implement the blink example shown.

Step 3: Tips When Connecting Arduino Nano Compatible Board

Be gentle when connecting the Arduino Nano compatible board to the breadboard. The pins can bent if you do it forcefully, so press gently from the middle, then gradually press from each side until it's completely inserted as shown in the picture.

Also make sure the USB connection is facing out as shown. It will be much easier to follow the layouts and less cables crossing.

Step 4: Test Arduino Nano With Red Led

Excellent tutorial. Follow instructions carefully and take your time to ensure connections are done properly.

Notice the green wire is connected to Ground. Red wire is connected to Pin 13.

The code:

int redPin = 12;

void setup() { // initialize Leds pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);


void loop() { digitalWrite(redPin, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(redPin, LOW); delay(1000);