Introduction: Arduino Neopixel Controller

This is a quick and easy Neopixel sequencer project that displays a series of LED patterns on a WS2812B LED strip. The intention is to show you how easy it is to connect up these strips to your Arduino and provide some example code that demonstrates how to control them.

The animated GIF above doesn't really do the strip justice. The colours are amazingly bright and the strips themselves are very easy to program.


  • WS2812B LED strip 30 LEDS (Available from Ebay for around $5)
  • ALUMINIUM FLAT BAR STRIP, 1 meter in length (Optional. Available from Ebay for around $7)

Step 1: Hardware Setup

Connecting up the strip is easy.

  • Connect the GND connection to Arduino's GND
  • Connect the 5V connection to Arduino's 5V pin
  • Connect the DIN connection to Arduino pin 6

If you have purchased the aluminium flat bar strip, then peel off the self-adhesive tape from the back of the LEDs and stick it to the strip.

That's it!

Step 2: Install the FastLED Library & Upload Arduino Code

Download the sketch from the link above and load it into your Arduino IDE. Open the Tools->Manage Libraries... menu item and in the search field of the Library Manager type FastLED and hit enter. The FastLED library by Daniel Garcia will appear in the list below the search field. Click the install button.

Upload the code to your Arduino. The sketch has 5 programmed patterns which it cycles through continuously in a loop. Sit back and watch the light show!

Until next time...