Introduction: Arduino Network Multi Tester

This is very simple network connectivity tester. It can test DHCP and ping outer network to verify network connection. Very small footprint and low power use. I added USB 3.0 Power meter to check any USB or any USB charger and planning to add more function to it..

Here is list of parts.

1) Case

2) Arduino MEGA 2560 R3

3) 3.5 LCD with touch screen

4) Mini ENC28j60 network module

5) Li-Ion Power bank module

6) Small Switch for on/off

7) Push button reset switch

8) Small speaker from old PC

9) 18650 Li-Ion battery from old laptop battery or any cellphone battery

10) some cables

Please check Youtube link for more detail and ino codes..

Step 1: Functions

Once is ready to go check some of the functions

> Static Tcp/Ip set

> Tcp/Ip set by DHCP

> Reset Tcp/Ip

> Check Network cable connection status

> Ping Gateway , DNS and google server

> Ping tester to verify connectivity

Please check youtube for detail..

Step 2: USB 3.0 Power Meter

Adding USB 3.0 Power monitor is great function to test any USB power supply or USB device test.

Part List

> Arduino Network tester

> USB 3.0 Dual Female adapter

> MAX471 Current sensor Module

> Some cable and Glue..

Please check Youtube for more detail..

Will add more functions in future and will post updates>>>>>>>>>>

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