Arduino Oscope

Introduction: Arduino Oscope

We present the details of getting the arduno oscope to work, using the shield available on kickstarter at:

Step 1: The Oscope Interface

Here we see the details of oscope operations. This can be downloaded and run (without compilation) using a java webstart application.

Audio is captured, in the background, using a thread;

private void captureAudio() {
Runnable runner = new CaptureThread(); Thread captureThread = new Thread(runner); captureThread.start(); }

This enables the foreground GUI to remain responsive, while audio is being read through the serial port.

Step 2: Serial Port Interface Setup

When starting the oscope, the user is presented with an interface. This must be set to 115200 baud, 8 data bits, one stop bit and no parity or flowcontrol. The usb interface must be one that corresponds to the arudino. The arduino serial port cannot be open in the arduino ide (as this represent a serial port contention issue).

Step 3: Oscope Interface

The interface enables you to alter scale, offset and timebase for your scope.

Step 4: Serial Port Persistance

The serial port parameters are serialized into the users' preferences using a serial port bean;

public final class ParametricSerialPortBean
implements Serializable { private String portName; private BaudRateBean baudRateBean; private FlowControlBean flowControlBean; private DataBitBean dataBitBean; private StopBitBean stopBitBean; private ParityBean parityBean; private static PreferencesUtils pu;

Once these parameters are set, you may quit out of the program and restart it. The parameters will be the same as the last time the program was run. If things do not open properly, or if you want to change the serial port settings, you are presented with a dialog box.

This gives the program an elegant look and feel.

Full source code is given to backers of the kickstarter project at:

Thank you for your support!

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