Introduction: Arduino: Pickit2 As Programmer

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Adding Pickit2 in arduino as a programmer

***Close your ArduinoIDE first

Open Arduino Folder and look for "programmers"

Step 1: Adding New Scrip for Picit2 Programmer

Add these lines and save: (MightyCore)
pickit2.communication=usb pickit2.protocol=pickit2 pickit2.program.protocol=pickit2 pickit2.program.tool=avrdude pickit2.program.extra_params=-v -V

Step 2: Using Pickit2 As Programmer

Open your Arduino IDE: While loading this will refresh the new script...

Opening up the Tools -> Programmers ->

This will show up some of the programmers available and at the same time your new Pickit2 programmer...

Try selecting Pickit2....

Step 3: Checking If Pickit2 Is Detected...

Lets try our Pickit2 if it is detectable.

Connect your Pickit2 (for now we will not attache any Arduino this is just a test)

Click Tool -> Burn Bootloaders

You will see at the console some info of the device configure and the calls of device if it is available.......See the Picture for reference "Output"

Step 4: Connect Pickit2 With a Arduino

Follow this pin assignment:::

AVR - PICKit2 (pin):


VDD - VDD Target (2) -- optional if AVR self powered

GND - GND (3)

MISO - PGD (4)

SCLK - PDC (5)

MOSI - AUX (6)

Step 5: Upload Sketch Via Pickit2

Shortcut key -> Ctrl + Shift + U

Click Sketch -> Upload using Programmer

Step 6: Burn Bootloader Via Pickit2

Click Tools -> Burn Bootloader

Step 7: Note

This is just alternative method in uploading sketch and bootloader programming for those who have a Pickit2....

Windows10 issue for serial or normal sketch uploading were serial communication suddenly interrupt...This is a tricky problem for Win10 that can cause bootloader to be overwritten and becomes unusable failling to detect Arduino.......

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