Arduino Pong Game

Introduction: Arduino Pong Game


2 buttons

.96" OLED color display

12 wires

Arduino RedBoard

Step 1: Instructions

1. Place oled as you see in the picture above.

2. Wire placement (from Arduino to breadboard)

Connect a wire from GND to the negative of the bread board.

Take 2 wires from the negative to one side on each button.

plug 2 to the other side of one of the buttons.

plug 3 and put it to the other side of the other button.

negative to the GND port on the screen.

3.3v plug to the vcc outlet from the screen.

plug 8 to dc outlet on screen.

9 plug to the res outlet.

plug 10 to cs screen outlet.

plug 11 to sda screen outlet.

plug 13 to scl screen outlet

Step 2: Code


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    3 years ago

    Can you share clearer photos of your circuit? It's hard to see what pins the screen connects to. Thanks!