Arduino Powered Temperature Sensor With LCD Output First Time Author Entry

Introduction: Arduino Powered Temperature Sensor With LCD Output First Time Author Entry

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Never been a contest kinda guy but I went ahead and entered in to the first time author contest, If you like my intructable or even just learned something new and think I've earned your vote please do! =]

Hello to everyone! Please bare with me as this is not only my first instructable but also my first full arduino project.

At the start of this project I had very minimal knowledge of how to program for the arduino and still not the greatest, but after a bit of research and time reading I managed to get a better understanding to where I took 3 scripts and compiled in to one to work for my needs.

Ive included The Fritzing file, an image of the fritz, the source code, and pictures of the final product. If you have any questions leave me comments and ill be happy to help as best I can.

Components you'll need:

1 Bread Board
1 Arduino (mines a 3rd party Uno)
1 10K Ohm Potentiometer
1 16x2 LCD Screen (compatible with Hitachi HD44780 driver)
1 LM35 temperature sensor
Jumper Wires
Patience! This took me 3 hours to get everything working correctly.

Step 1: Assemble Your Circuit

Using the pictures provided above, create your circuit. Mind you Im just a nerd not a professional so if someone see's a problem or a way to simplify the whole circuit please comment below!

Ive provided pin layouts for each device to assist your finding of the pin placement.

LCD Pin 16 - Ground
LCD Pin 15 - Arduino Pin 13
LCD Pin 14 - Arduino Pin 2
LCD Pin 13 - Arduino Pin 3
LCD Pin 12 - Arduino Pin 4
LCD Pin 11 - Arduino Pin 5
LCD Pin 10 - Empty
LCD Pin 09 - Empty
LCD Pin 08 - Empty
LCD Pin 07 - Empty
LCD Pin 06 - Arduino Pin 11
LCD Pin 05 - Ground
LCD Pin 04 - Center of Potentiometer
LCD Pin 03 - Arduino 12
LCD Pin 02 - 5V
LCD Pin 01 - Ground

See Picture above for pin layout
Temp Sensor Pin 1 - 5V
Temp Sensor Pin 2 - Arduino A0
Temp Sensor Pin 3 - Ground

Step 2: Plug in Your Arduino and Upload Script

At this point you should have verified all of your connections insuring its all connected the same as my diagram.

If your 100% sure its wired up correctly now is the time to plug in and start up the arduino program. Download the .ino File provided in the instructable open and upload to your arduino. Ive added as much notes in the script to better explain the functions of each portion of the script so you can edit to your liking and get a better understanding of what each command does.

For example If you take the original line
"lcd.print(temperatureF); lcd.println(" Fahrenheit"); //Shows reading on LCD"
and change it to
"lcd.print(temperatureF); lcd.println("\337F "); //Shows reading on LCD"
It will now display " °F " rather then " Fahrenheit "

You can do the same for the Celsius section!

Many symbols you may wish to display will not display simply as typing it in. You'll want to read up on ASCII for more info

Once the upload is complete the screen should flash a few times and start displaying the temperature in both Celsius on line one and Fahrenheit on line 2.

Congrats! You now have your very own LCD Displayed temperature sensor powered by the all mighty Arduino!
Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and ill be more then happy to help to the best of my abilities.

NOTE: If LCD Pins 16 or 15 are not connected correctly the backlight will not work
NOTE: If your backlight lights up but you cant see the temperature or its very faint, adjust the potentiometer left and right untill it clear enough.

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    Welcome to instructables! This is a neat project, you should think about entering this into our First Time Authors Challenge!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you for the info! I went ahead and entered myself! Wish me luck!