Introduction: Arduino Pro Mini Morse Decoder With 7-Segment Indicator - Beginner Project

Hello everyone, I made a simple morses decoder with Arduino Pro Mini that displays decoded letters on a 7-segment display. It is a very easy project for beginner like me. It is a mix of "Arduino Morse Code Machine" and "Alphabetic Character display on 7 Segment LED using Arduino".

Step 1: Parts

  1. 1x Arduino Pro Mini
  2. 1x Programmer (I used Arduino USB-2-Serial)
  3. 1x Breadboard
  4. 8x 150 ohm resistors
  5. 1x 7-segment indicator SC08-11EWA
  6. 1x Button
  7. 2x LEDs
  8. Wires

Step 2: Schema

I did not know how to draw other pins, so you need to connect:
Dot LED = 10pin,
Dash LED = 11pin,
Buzzer = 14pin

Step 3: Code

As always, on the top are defined pins, pause_value.

When you press the button for a short time, dot LED lights up. When you press and wait a bit, dash LED lights up.

After you combine dots and dashes the according letter or number lights up on the 7-segment display