Introduction: Arduino Pro Mini Music Box

My recreation of a Music Box based on:

Sophie's Music Box Page

Experience level: medium, as you need some soldering skills and using a drill to make some holes.

Time to complete the project: 30 min assuming you have all the materials, components and tools.

Project cost: $10-$15

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

Music Box Materials:

1. Arduino Pro Mini (5V, 16MHz)

2. Speaker (8 Ohms)

3. Battery (9V)

4. Battery snaps contacts

5. Toggle switch (SPST On/Off)

6. Project Box (4.5x2.5x1.5 LxWxH) inch

7. Cable wires (24 gauge)

Step 2: Get Tools and Equipment Ready

Tools and equipment:

1. PC with Arduino software, version 1.6.7

2. The Fur Elise sketch

3. USB to serial adapter CH340 (and OS driver) or equivalent

4. Soldering iron and solder

5. Drill with different diameter drill bits

6. Sharpie pen

7. Ruler

8. Double sided tape

9. Crazy glue

10. Philips screwdriver

Step 3: Arduino Software and Upload Sketch

1. Start Arduino software.

2. Connect the USB to serial adapter to your computer. Make sure you have the OS driver for your adapter and you know the COM port assigned to the adapter.

3. Open the Fur Elise sketch .

4. Connect your Arduino Pro Mini board to the USB adapter and upload the sketch to the Arduino Pro Mini board. Make sure pin orientation of USB adapter and Arduino board match.

Step 4: Construction

5. Perform a dry fit of the components inside the box by arranging all components inside the box.

6. Once you know how all the components are going to fit together; install the toggle switch.

7. Mark the placement of the toggle switch on the box cover.

Step 5: Switch Mount

8. Select a small drill bit and start drilling a hole for the switch. Change the drill bit for a larger one until the hole is the appropriate side for the switch to fit through.

9. Make another small hole for the switch locking ring

10. Then mount the switch on the box cover

Step 6: Soldering Components

11. Get your soldering iron and solder all the components together as such

Step 7: Testing Connections

12. Now it is time to test the wiring. Connect the battery and toggle the switch to the On position. If you installed everything correctly the power LED should light up on the Arduino board and the song should begin to play.

13. Turn off the switch.

Step 8: Placement of Components

14. Use double side tape and place the Arduino board and battery inside the box at the corresponding location. Do not tape the speaker.

15. Add a few small holes to the box cover so that you can hear the speaker sound. Use the ruler and mark a few hole directly above the speaker.

Step 9: Completing the Project

16. Add a few drops of crazy glue to secure the speaker on the box cover.

17. Close the box cover and secure cover with 4 screws

18. End, turn On the toggle switch and enjoy the music!

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