Introduction: Arduino Programming Via Mobile || Arduinodroid || Arduino Ide for Android || Blink

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Arduino is board, which can be program directly over USB.

It is very simple and cheap for college and school projects or even in products prototype.

Many of products firstly build on it for initial testing.

So in all these application sometime you need to change the code instantly and you don't have much time to turn on laptop and change it... Or may be you forgot the laptop at home.

This tutorial will help you a lot, in this tutorial we will learn how to upload code via your smartphone.

Yes!!!! With smartphone, which you are carry every where with you.

As you sticked with you smartphone let's make arduino as well as sticked with your smartphone.

Advantage :-

This tutorial will help you to program arduino with your Smartphone so you no need to carry your laptop anywhere, things are more easy and portable for projects.

Step 1: Requirements

There is some Requirements according to your application

  1. Smartphone
  2. arduino uno
  3. Arduino cable
  4. OTG cable or adaptor

Step 2: Download the App

Download Arduinodroid app from play store or you can click on link below

Step 3: Connections

  • Connect OTG with arduino cable
  • Connect Arduino with Arduino cable
  • Connect OTG with you smartphone

Step 4: Upload the Code

Here i am uploading blink code but you can upload any code..

Transfer file from your pc to in your device and open it in arduino ide or copy paste it.

  • Click on sketch >> example >> basic >> blink
  • Compile the code via clicking on thunder button above.
  • Click on download button to upload
  • May be you will get permission to access USB device, click on OK.
  • Now boom!!!!

Your code is uploaded in arduino............

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