Arduino RC Car: Make FUN!!

Introduction: Arduino RC Car: Make FUN!!

Ok!! Lets us make a simple RC car that you can control straight from your Smartphone.

This can be a science fair project or a simple weekend project to play.


  1. ARDUINO UNO( I am using this, you can you the one you have)
  2. HC - 05 Bluetooth module
  3. L-298D Motor Driver
  4. BreadBoard or Prototyping shield
  5. 12V or 24 V battery
  6. 4 Dc motors or 360-degree servos

Step 2: Connecting the Circuit:

Ok, now that you have all the parts, follow the circuit diagram above and connect everything as shown.

The L298D motor driver supports up to 30 V. The motor driver also has a pin for 5V output for Arduino.

Step 3: Put Everything in a Case or Frame:

So now that you are done connecting the circuit, fit all the parts on the frame if you have not already done.


Step 4: CODE !!

Here is the code, That I have taken a website, I am uploading the code here!!

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