Introduction: Arduino RC Car

This is a GUIDE on how I programmed a RC car with a Arduino for a school project!

Hope that this helps you your project!

Step 1:

First step is to pull the body off the car so that the motherboard is visible. Then the mother board will need to removed from the secure location on the body of the car, DO NOT CUT ANY WIRES YET!!! the long black strip will need to be removed from the main board, this is done by useing a soildering iron and a soilder sucker.

Step 2: Adding the Arduino

Where the Black strip used to be, you will need to soilder 4 wires into the slots that control fowards, reverse, left and right. a ground wire will need to be put in aswell, this will be put on the mother board where the black wire from the battery (negative) goes.

Here is the code so that it will do a figure 8

Car Test Makes the modified RC car go in a figure 8. Plug the striped white wires into the Arduino pins as */ int forward = 12; // forward pin int reverse = 11; // reverse pin int left = 10; // left pin int right = 9; // right pin // The setup() method runs once, when the sketch starts void setup() { // initialize the digital pins as an outputs: pinMode(forward, OUTPUT); pinMode(reverse, OUTPUT); pinMode(left, OUTPUT); pinMode(right, OUTPUT); } void go_forward() { digitalWrite(forward,HIGH); // turn forward motor on digitalWrite(reverse,LOW); // turn revers motor off } void go_reverse() { digitalWrite(reverse,HIGH); // turn reverse motor on digitalWrite(forward,LOW); // turn forward notor off } void stop_car() { digitalWrite(reverse,LOW); // turn revers motor off digitalWrite(forward,LOW); // turn forward motor off digitalWrite(left,LOW); digitalWrite(right,LOW); } void go_left() { digitalWrite(left,HIGH); // turn left motor on digitalWrite(right,LOW); // turn right motor off } void go_right() { digitalWrite(right,HIGH); // turn right motor on digitalWrite(left,LOW); // tune left motor off } // the loop() method runs over and over again, // as long as the Arduino has power void loop() {go_forward(); delay(1000); go_right(); delay(3000); go_forward(); delay(1000); go_left(); delay(3000); go_forward(); delay(1000); go_right(); delay(3000);


Step 3: