Arduino RC Pontoon Boat

Introduction: Arduino RC Pontoon Boat

Hello, in this project, we'll show you how to build a bluetooth controlled Arduino pontoon boat using only water bottles, an Arduino Uno, and a few other components.

It uses the BlueArd app developed by RuiSantos and is a fork of his instructable project (

Step 1: Materials Needed

Before you begin, make sure you have the following items:

- 2x 500ml Plastic Water Bottle (Any brand)
- 1x Arduino Uno
- 1x HC-05/06 Bluetooth Module
- 1x Android Smartphone w/ BlueArd Application installed (download below)
- 1x L293D IC
- 2x DC motor
- 1x Breadboard
- Jumper Cables
- 3D Printer and Filament or a plastic box
- Hot glue Gun
- Soddering Iron
- Premade props, or a Small amount of Plexiglass for propellers
- Plastic Rods (for motor shafts)

Step 2: Breadboard Assembly

Use this schematic to assemble your breadboard.

Step 3: Enclosure Assembly

If you do not have a plastic box, then print one out with a 3D printer that will fit all of the arduino components.

After you have done that first attach your propellors and motor shafts to the DC motors using a soldering iron.
Then place your breadboard assembly inside the plastic box and attach the motors to the back of the box using hot glue/duct tape.

Attach the bottles to the sides of the plastic box using duct tape.

Step 4: Final Product

Click Here for the BlueArd App and Arduino Sketch

Install it on your arduino and you're good to go!

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