Introduction: Arduino RC WARSHIP :)

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Hey all,
In this tutorial i will try to explain how to make diy RC WARSHIP.(Of course it is not warship. Just i have tried to make it look like warship :):) )

When i started to make this project i have planned that it will be with double motor. However , after i finished the project during the test one motor is broken and did not worked properlyr again...
Finally , i have decided to make it with only one motor. And it worked properly as in the video....

Step 1: Required Hardware

x2 Arduino (one for transmitter other for receiver)

x1 Dc motor

x1 Joystick shield

x2 nrf24l01 (better if you use LNA+PA )

x1 L298N motor driver

x1 9v batter (for the arduino power supply)

x2 or x3 18650 Li-ion battery.

A lot of Silicon glue :)

Enough Jumper

Foam (for the chassis of ship)

x1 Propeller

x1 iron bar

x1 iron pipe (which must has a little bit greater diameter of iron bar in order to turn in it properly) For mor info please watch the video...

Step 2: The Construction Phase

Honestly this part is the most difficult and challenging part ever....

Because we make ship's chassis all over again. It took my almost 2 day to finish this project...
And do not forget to make backdoor for your chassis(in case of any problem you should open and fix your circuit easyly...)

Here some photos for the chassis.If you wonder for more details you can watch the video in order to understand how its made....

Step 3:

Step 4: Circuit Connection

Well, as you can guess we have 2 circuit diagram. One for the transmitter other for the receiver...

Both circuit diagram is here for the guide you...

Please be carefull for the connections. The are not complicated but even 1 simple miss connection may result fail your project...

Step 5: Source Code

As in the Circuit Connection part, we will also have 2 different code. One for the transmitter other for the receiver...

Do not hang out with details (Turkish words in the codes). I think language should not block you .Also i added explanation beside the almost each code for your better understanding...

I am assured that you will handle it .(If any question please ask me without any doubt.Here or from Youtube....)

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Have fun!