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Hello world! Today i made a RFID door lock. The lamp acts as a Electric door lock because i don't have a electrical lock, you simply add the door lock to the relay instead of the lamp. Check out the link for the Schematic code & Parts list. I could not find much about the module, i have the RFID-RC522 in blue color, so this might be useful for the ones who have the same problem as me because the red one has the pins different... i only found wrong schematics.. SO here is the right code & schematic.. it works fine to!

Step 1: Parts List, Schematic & Code.

Simply wire it up like the schematic, upload the code and it should work.

There is a button to clear the database. How this works is simple, Just hold the button and reset arduino. Hold it for 6 second and it will clear all cards added. After that you need to add the new master card and key cards.

the video should explain enough.

You can uncomment this line below (line 68) in the code it will increase reading distance : mfrc522.PCD_SetAntennaGain(mfrc522.RxGain_max);

Parts list.

  1. Arduino uno, I used the RobotDyn Uno.
  2. RFID RC522 - Blue colored version.
  3. 1 channel Relay KY-019
  4. KY-004 Button module. (to clear the database)
  5. Jumper wires set. MM/FF/MF.
  6. Electrical door lock, (Optional, Not needed to test the code.)
  7. Mini Bread Board (Optional, i used it so the RFID module stands vertical)

Good luck!