Arduino - Remote Controlled Tank With WiFi Camera (nRF24L+ / RC / Wireless)

Introduction: Arduino - Remote Controlled Tank With WiFi Camera (nRF24L+ / RC / Wireless)

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In this tutorial we will learn to build a remote controlled car / tank. We will also add a WiFi camera to make the Tank more equipped. We will use the nRF24L+ module for remote control. With this tutorial, you can learn motor control with the joystick, remote motor control and motor control with the nRF24L01.

If you want, you can make this project with WiFi controlled using NodeMCU.

Step 1: Required Hardware

Required Hardware:

Arduino Uno R3 -

Arduino Nano -

nRF24L01 -

nRF24L Adapter -

L298N Motor Driver -

Joystick -

Tank Chassis Model 1 -

Tank Chassis Model 2 -

Tank Chassis Model 3 -

Breadboard -

Acrylic Sheet -

Jumper/Wires -

Battery Plug -

Battery 9V -

Optional (If you want to add Camera)

Mini WiFi CCTV IP Camera -

Mini Sg90 Servo -

Potentiometer -

Also Recommended other Hardwares:

Lipo Battery -

nRF24L Antenna -

FPV Camera -

FPV Goggles -

Arduino Starter Kit and Supplies:
Arduino Board & SCM Supplies #01 --

Arduino Board & SCM Supplies #02 --

Arduino Basic Learning Starter Kit #01 --

Arduino Basic Learning Starter Kit #02 --

Arduino Basic Learning Starter Kit #03 --

Mega 2560 Starter Kit with Tutorial --

Sensor Module Kit For Arduino #01 --

Sensor Module Kit For Arduino #02 --

Free Subscribe for Support --

Step 2: Source Code

Tutorials about using the nRF24L+ library

Project about using the nRF24L+

Get the nRF24L+ Library

Get the Source Code

Step 3: You Can Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

You can subscribe to the my YouTube channel for more tutorials and projects. Subscribe for support. Thank you.

Go to my YouTube Channel -

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    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    I ordered the parts and am ready to put them together, and I am wondering why the youtube video is "no longer available?" Getting it up and running would really help! Thanks


    5 years ago

    Nice one mate!!! I've decided to give it a try as I've ordered some Arduino bits lately to play together with my boys.
    Made one this afternoon watching your video as I'm a complete novice(in Arduino world), just didn't put the camera on as I don't have one but the rest is spot on. THANK YOU for sharing