Arduino Remote RGB LED by Visual Basic

Introduction: Arduino Remote RGB LED by Visual Basic


  1. Any Arduino (I am using Arduino Uno)
  2. Visual Basic Express 2010 You can download VB from here
  3. RGB Led

Step 1: Create Application

In this instructable, we will be making a program to control RGB Led.

Follow the following steps:

  • Click on New Project
  • Select New Windows From Application
  • Enter a name for your application

Step 2: Create Application and Upload Code to Arduino

Go ahead according to these pictures.

1.You open Arduino-Code-RGB.txt and copy this code to Arduino and compile it.

2.Then you open RGB-VB and change your port.

3.Then connect pin 8 to the color blue, pin 9 to the color green, pin 10 to the color red and finally connect GND.

Step 3: Testing

  1. Open the VB program that you created.
  2. Click on the buttons to see what happens.

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5 years ago

Hello, it's a very interesting application. Although, I'm having an issue. I ran both programs but nothing happens on the arduino, meaning there's no change on the RGB LED. Both (Arduino & VB) don't show any kind of issue, perhaps I'm doing something wrong. What should I look into? Thanks.


6 years ago

I tried using this program today, but unfortunately it didn't work. I have my RGB Led strip controlled by mosfets. When I am sending a color to the arduino, I see the TX led blinking on my board, but the RGB strip won't go to any colors I pick. Do you know what might be wrong? Thanks!