Introduction: Arduino Riddle Game(School Theme)

In this Arduino, I am going to show you how to create a game by solving riddles in order to get a reward. Because I am still a student, so the theme I choose is "school". If you are interested in other themes, such as the magic world, medieval, etc. You are free to change the decoration and create your unique riddle game! Follow the steps carefully, then you will succeed! If there is anything to suggest to me, feel free to comment on my Instructables, thank you for your helping~ Let's start!

Step 1: Prepare Tools and Components

Arduino Leonardo


5V power supply

head wires

electrical conductance x4 (電阻)
(electronic color code: gold black red gold x3, white brown red black black brown x1)

thermistor (熱敏電阻)

button (按鈕)

potentiometer (可變電阻)

light-emitting diode x3 (LED燈)

servomotor (伺服馬達)

Step 2: Connect Circuit

This circuit will be a little complex, you can divide into three parts:

1. Thermistor(A0) - LED(D13)

2. Button - LED(D12)

3. Potentiometer(A1) - LED(D10)

Remember to connect the breadboard to 5V and GND

The final circuit will look like the picture above.

Step 3: Programm Code

Enter the website and see the code.

First, you should set the angle of the servomotor to 0 and the button is 0 (BT1=0) (picture 1)

There are three requirements to make the servomotor switches on: (picture 2)

1. The value of thermistor is bigger than 550 (D13 LED brighten)

2. Press the button once (BT1=1) (D12 LED brighten)

3. The value of potentiometer is between 300 and 500 (D10 LED brighten)

If all satisfied (3 LED have brightened), then the servomotor's angle will change from 0 to 180 (picture 3)

Step 4: Prepare Materials for Background

shoebox (picture 1)

white glue (picture 2)

model grass (picture 3)

lego (picture 4)

Step 5: Decorate Background

1. Mix different colored grass together (picture 1)

2. Put white glue on the area the grass will be (picture 2)

3. Lay the grass on the shoebox (picture 3)

4. Use lego to make an arch and school symbol (picture 4)

Step 6: Put Arduino Into Shoebox

1. Uses lego to build a base for the breadboard (picture 1) and stick on it

2. Poke 3 holes on the shoebox in order to let LEDs show out (picture 2)

3. On the grass side, 3 holes are needed:

thermistor (picture 3)

button (picture 4)

potentiometer (picture 5)

4. When the servomotor switches on, the panel (picture 6 7)should move away and give the reward (picture 8)

Step 7: Design Riddles

1. Prepare 1 colored paper (picture 1)

2. Fold it into 3 parts and separate it (picture 2 3)

3. Every rectangle folds it into 5 parts and separates it off 3:2 (picture 4)

4. Fold it into the shape of a book (picture 5)

5. Write riddles on 3 books each (picture 6 7


Step 8: Decoration

1. Prepare 2 colored paper (picture 1)

one will fold into a crane (picture 2)

one will fold into a flower (picture 3)

If you don't know how to fold a crane or a flower, there will be many demonstrations on the website, search it!

2. Stick it on to the shoebox by using sticky clay (picture 4)

stick in the bottom of the crane and flower (picture 5)

Step 9: Put Everything Together

Whatever things you haven't stick it on the shoebox, do it now! Then, IT'S FINISHED!

See what the end product looks like!

Step 10: Play Time

Try to play this game! and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you get all 3 riddles, then you will can a reward! (picture 1)

If any step is unclear, please tell me in the comment, I will be appreciated! THANK YOU~~~