Introduction: Arduino Robot Car

This car is fun, educational and rewarding to make. Here are the instructions to make it!

Step 1: Step One: Attaching the Motors to the Plastic Frame.

Use the acrylic brackets to put the motor in place on the frame. Use your hands or a screwdriver to secure it with screws and nuts. Repeat on the other side.

Step 2: Step Two: Adding the Black Disc Cog to the Motor

Attach it to the inside white part of the motor, do this on both motors.

Step 3: Step Three: Adding the On/off Switch

Put the switch on the opposite side of the motors

Step 4: Step Four: Attaching the Free-rotating Castor Wheel

Use screws to attach four spacers to the frame, then use four more screws to attach the wheel to the spacers. Make sure the wheel is on the same side as the motors.

Step 5: Step Five: Attaching the Tyres

Put the wheel on so that the white part goes into the hole in the wheel. do this on the outside of both motors.

Step 6: Step Six: Adding the Battery Pack

Place the battery on the top (opposite side of the motors) and screw it into place. If you can't do that or it doesn't fit, use some blue tack.

Step 7: Step Seven: Attaching the Sensor

use screws (or if you need you can use blue tack) to attach the ultrasonic sensor to the frame. then nuts and bolts put it at the front of your car.

Step 8: Step Eight: Attach the Wires

Strip the wires and attach them to the correct parts of the Arduino Uno, switch, sensor shield and motor shield using the photos or if you need it clearer, the diagram provided above.

And you're done! Put batteries in the battery pack, turn on the switch and get started using it.

*If you want you can peel off the extra on the fame to make it look even better.