Introduction: Arduino Robot With Tail, Tail Assembly

This instructable shows you how to print and assemble the tail.

Step 1: Print

Print the tail files: flat tail v2_fixed.stl

Step 2: Lay Out

Lay out the pieces in order

Step 3: Stick

Spray adhesive on the foam sheet. I used Elmer's spray adhesive and a shelf liner. You can also use rubber cement and any craft foam.

Step 4: Stick

Carefully line up the tail pieces “vertebrae” on the adhesive side of the foam leaving about 1 mm between the vertebrae. Use the straight edge of the vertebrae and the straight edge of the foam for good alignment. Make sure to leave space at the large end.

Step 5: Cut

Cut the foam sheet, leaving about 3 cm of extra material on the large side to attach the tail assembly to the motor mount

Step 6: Stick

Spray adhesive on the other side of the foam.

Step 7: Stick Again

Carefully stick the vertebrae on the other side of the foam lining up the edges and holes

Step 8: Sew

Sew the vertebrae onto the foam. I sewed the top from the small side to the large side and back, knotted the thread, then sewed the bottom in the same manner.

Step 9: Cut Line

Cut about a meter of fishing line. Use a strong, braided, not stretchy line.

Step 10: Thread Line

Thread the fishing line through one side of the vertebrae. Make a loop through the smallest vertebrae.

Step 11: Finish Threading Line

Thread the fishing line through the other side, looping it around the smallest vertebrae. The free ends should extend from the largest vertebrae. When you pull on the line, the tail should bend.