Introduction: Arduino Robot With Wireless Camera and Fire Detection for Home Security

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This is a Bluetooth controlled robot.It has a wireless camera,fire detection sensor and an ultrasonic sensor and it can even be made to speak(You'll understand later)...................................

My intention while making this robot was home security.But it's all your choice.But only under one condition''SEND ME PHOTOSSSSS"

Step 1: GETTING STARTED...................................

THINGS YOU'LL NEED '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

1)Arduino(I'm using the Arduino UNO)

2)L293D motor driver module

3)Ultrasonic sensor(I have used the HC-SR04)

4)IR sensor(Optional)

5)Buzzer(only if you are using the IR sensor)

6)Bluetooth Module(Mine is the HC-05)

7)45 or 100 RPM 12V DC motor

8)Any 12 V battery

9)9V battery

10) Jumper wires


12)Smart phones

13)7808 votage regulator

Step 2: Wiring or Hooking Together Arduino and Friends;)

Wiring is very simple.Let us start by taking the Arduino and the bluetooth module.

Connect the RX of arduino to the TX of Bluetooth module and TX of Arduino to RX of Bluetooth module.Provide 5v supply to the vcc of Bt module and Connect the GND Pin of arduino to the GND pin of HC-05.Thats all for the blueeei............

Then take the ultrasonic sensor and connect it.Take the Vcc pin and connect it to 3.3v pin of arduino and GND pin to any Gnd of arduino And the trig pin to digital pin 8 and echo pin to digital pin 9.

Take the L293d and connect the motors parallely to the motor outs.then connect the 12v pin of the driver module to a 12v battery and GND of the motor driver to the negative of the battery.Connect the A pin and B pin of C1 category to Digital pin 6 and 7 respectively.Connect the A and B pin of the C2 category to digital pin 5 and 4 respectively.

The 7808 voltage regulator is used to supply 8v current to the arduino.When the 7808 is placed facing towards us the leg at the left end is the VCC(the positive of the 12v battery should be connected to here)The second leg is the common ground(The negative of the 12 volt is given into this pin and the negative of the 8v out is also the same)The third leg is the positive of the 8v out)

So we have to take a pair of 2 positives and 2 negatives from our 12v battery one pair goes to the motor driver while the other two pair goes to the 7808......

The IR sensor in my circuit is not connected with the arduino.

All that I had done is just connect the digital out of the module to the negative of the buzzer and connect the vcc of the sensor to the positive of a 9v battery and GND of the sensor to negative of the 9v battery.........And if a flame is shown before it the buzzer is activated even if the robot is turned off............

Step 3: The Eyes of the Robot ☺

I have used the alfred app availible in playstore for the eyes or camera. it is the links of the app..

All you need are 2 mobile phones one to be used as the camera and the other to be used as the Viewer.

You can get all the informations about it after downloading the app on your smartphone.

Step 4: Coding or the Systematic Process of Instructing Our Ardu Buddy

Just copy and paste the following code.

#include elapsedMillis timeElapsed;char BluetoothData; // the Bluetooth data receivedint switch1 = 11;int switch2 = 12;int trig_pin = 8;int echo_pin = 9;long echotime; //in micro secondsfloat distance; //in cmunsigned int interval = 100;void setup() {Serial.begin(9600);//Set Digital Pins 4 to 7 as OutputpinMode(4,OUTPUT);pinMode(5,OUTPUT);pinMode(6,OUTPUT);pinMode(7,OUTPUT);pinMode(13,OUTPUT);pinMode(12,OUTPUT);pinMode(11,OUTPUT);//Set State of Pins all to LOW (0)digitalWrite(4,0);digitalWrite(5,0);digitalWrite(6,0);digitalWrite(7,0);digitalWrite(11,0);digitalWrite(12,0);digitalWrite(13,0);Serial.begin (9600);pinMode(trig_pin, OUTPUT);pinMode(echo_pin, INPUT);digitalWrite(trig_pin, LOW);}void loop() {motor();sensor();}void motor(){if (Serial.available()){;if(BluetoothData=='F'){ // Red Button PresseddigitalWrite(4,1); //Turn diital out 4 to HighdigitalWrite(5,0); //Turn digital out 5 to LowdigitalWrite(6,1);digitalWrite(7,0);}if(BluetoothData=='B'){ // Yellow Button PresseddigitalWrite(5,1);digitalWrite(4,0);digitalWrite(6,0);digitalWrite(7,1);}if(BluetoothData=='f'||BluetoothData=='b'){ // Red or Yellow Button ReleaseddigitalWrite(4,0);digitalWrite(5,0);digitalWrite(6,0);digitalWrite(7,0);}if(BluetoothData=='L'){ // Green Button PresseddigitalWrite(6,1);digitalWrite(7,0);digitalWrite(4,0);digitalWrite(5,0);}if(BluetoothData=='R'){ // Blue Button PresseddigitalWrite(4,1);digitalWrite(5,0);digitalWrite(7,0);digitalWrite(6,0);}if(BluetoothData=='l'||BluetoothData=='r'){ // Green or Blue Button ReleaseddigitalWrite(7,0);digitalWrite(4,0);digitalWrite(5,0);digitalWrite(6,0);}if(BluetoothData=='G'){digitalWrite(13,1);}if(BluetoothData=='g'){digitalWrite(13,0);}if(BluetoothData=='P'){digitalWrite(12,1);}if(BluetoothData=='X'){digitalWrite(11,1);Serial.print("*XR241G232B248");}if(BluetoothData=='x'){digitalWrite(11,0);Serial.print("*XR000G000B000");}if(BluetoothData=='p'){digitalWrite(12,0);}delay(10);// wait 10 ms}}void sensor(){if (timeElapsed > interval){digitalWrite(trig_pin, HIGH);delayMicroseconds(10);digitalWrite(trig_pin, LOW);motor();//get the resultechotime= pulseIn(echo_pin, HIGH);distance= 0.0001*((float)echotime*340.0)/2.0;Serial.print("*D"+String(distance,1)+"*");timeElapsed = 0;}}

You will also have to download and add the Elapsed millis library before compiling the code in the IDE.Also make sure that the the bluetooth module is not connected while uploading the code..

Step 5: Set Up the Controller.

As our robot is controlled by a smart phone you will have to use an android application.I have used an app and panel of another instructable friend.whom I had found in the website.The name of the app is Bluetooth electronics.Download it and import the panel given below which was created by him.

Thats all with the app.

Step 6: Make It Talk.

Actually it is an uncompulsary step.If you like it just do it.

Head towards the App inventor software and make the "TALK TO ME APP".

It one of the most simplest app which can be made using the software.

Only problem is that you will have to type the speech output into its program.So it is partially android and partailly the internet.So we can call it the "CYBORG"

Use this link

If you are having trouble with the program of the app Youtube will be your teacher.............;D

Step 7: Thanks

Thank you all for watching my Instructable.I am not the best so please feel free to correct me.If you have any doubts regarding the robot PLEASE contact me.My email ID is am ready to help you at the best.

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