Introduction: Arduino Room Automation Via Bluetooth

About: Hey!!! My name is Sarju. I am currently 16 years old and I love to program and tinker with my arduinos. I got into making instructables and arduino from the Instructables user ASCAS. Check out his profile too.

Before I start I would like to thank the instructable user ASCAS for showing me how to use bluetooth in my project. Here is howi learned .

What I did in this project was use 4 servos to physically turn on and off the lights and fan in my room. It will only work with switches similar to mine. This is great if you dont want to open up your light switches to use a relay. To turn on the lights you can say "lights on" "turn lights on" "turn the lights on" for lights off you can say "lights off" "turn lights off" "turn the lights off" for the fan you can say "fan on" " turn fan on" and "turn the fan on" for fan off you can say "fan off" " turn fan off" and "turn the fan off". Remember to vote for me if you like my project

Step 1: Materials Needed

4 servos and servo horn showed in picture along with the smallest screw that comes with the servo. I used some small 9gram servos from


jumper cables

bluetooth module i got mine from

arduino board with tx rx pin and can supply 5 volts and has at least 4 digital pins for each servo.

wall wart power supply

android phone with this app

Step 2: Code

Put code on board and you will probably have to mess with the number of degrees you want the servo to turn depending on the servo horns position

Step 3: Wiring

Follow picture attached.

Step 4: Video

IF you cant see it then heres the link

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