Introduction: Arduino Score Counter

This Arduino Score Counter will count the number of baskets you make using the CD4026BE Decade Counter/Divider IC to count the number of baskets made and display that number on a 7 segment display. An Arduino paired with a photoresistor (acting as a laser tripwire for the ball). which then send a signal to the first CD4026BE IC adding a single digit to the 7 segment display

Step 1: Parts List

All these parts are exact parts i use but you can switch thing up if you chose just remember that the PCB design will most likely will not work if you do change things.

1x Arduino nano

2x Common Cathode 1.2 inch 7 segment display (through hole)

2x CD4026BE IC (through hole)

1x 0.1uf ceramic capacitor usually marked with a 104 (through hole)

1x 100k resistor (through hole)

1x 56k resistor (through hole)

4x 1k resistor (through hole)

1x Photoresistor (through hole)

1x MAX4516 (surface mount)

1x Momentary push button switch

1x laser pointer

1x embroidery hoop

1x 3 x AAA battery pack

1x USB mini b (optional)

Step 2: PSB Assembly

When soldering i would recommend that you solder the MAX4516 first and then the rest of the components.

Step 3: Arduino

Step 4: Final Assembly and Test

I am done with this project for now i do have plans in the future to 3D print a permanent case but for now this will be it.

Step 5: Circuit Board Gerber Files and Schematic

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