Introduction: Arduino Scoreboard Lights

This is a project that I made for a section of a fencing scoreboard. I wanted something that beeped and lit up. I soon realized that you could technically use this for a lot of different sports and not just fencing. What the project actually does, is light up 2 LEDs and beep for 2 seconds. The color depends on what button you push on the IR remote.


Here is a list of the different parts when making this project:

  • Arduino Nano or Arduino Uno (I used a Nano to save space but you can use an Uno too.)
  • 8 LEDs
  • 8 220Ω resistors
  • Jumper wires
  • IR receiver + remote
  • Active Buzzer (Optional)
  • Large breadboard

Step 1: Place the Components

First, place the LEDs in twos next to each other across the breadboard (Like in the picture). Make sure your positive pins are on the upper side of the breadboard. Then add your 220Ω resistors that carry from the negative side of the LEDs to the negative strip on the breadboard. (See in image) After that place an IR sensor somewhere on your breadboard. Finally, find a good spot with a lot of space around it to put your buzzer.

Step 2: Wire It Up!

Now I will list a bunch of different places to put wires. You can also look in the image if you want to do that.

  • Wire the positive and negative strips on the breadboard from your Arduino.
  • Wire the positive pins on all the LEDs from a spot on the breadboard.
  • This is confusing to explain, but sire the two colors and connect them, so you have one color output. (Do this for all colors)
  • Now, connect all of the color connections to a digital port on the Arduino.
  • Wire the positive pin on the buzzer to a digital port on the Arduino and the negative pin to the negative strip.
  • Wire your IR sensor to a digital port

Now you're done!

Also, if you want to you can use tinkercad you can to wire up your project!

Step 3: Programming

I linked the .ino file for the Arduino IDE. There are comments written in the code explaining how it works.

Also when you are done make sure to check out my website here!

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