Introduction: Arduino Serial Monitor for Android Apps

The Arduino IDE has a feature that can be a great help in debugging sketches or controlling Arduino from your computer's keyboard.
The Serial Monitor is a separate pop-up window that acts as a separate terminal that communicates by receiving and sending Serial Data.

You will use the Serial Monitor to debug Arduino Software Sketches or to view data sent by a working Sketch.

Step 1: ​Requirements


2-Android Device

3-Arduino IDE

Download from

You mustn't have an Arduino connected by USB to your computer to be able to activate the Serial Monitor but we use Bluetooth COM Port instead.

Step 2: Adding COM Port

First of all Open Bluetooth Setting on your PC

If you don't have a COM Port Click Add as in the first picture next choose Incoming As In The Second Picture Then Click OK.

Now you have a COM Port with number As In The third Picture.

Step 3: Configure Arduine IDE

First of All open Arduino IDE.

next go to tools << Port<<(your COM Port ).

Then Click on Serial Monitor.

After that , a COM Port Window appears

Finally make sure from baud rate is 9600 by default.

Step 4: Configure Bluetooth Connection

to begin with you have to turn on Bluetooth in both PC and Android Device .

Secondly Pair them with each other .

Next Open the Android App.

Then Connect Android App to your PC Bluetooth.

Lastly test your App .

Step 5: Test