Introduction: Arduino Simple Low-Cost Controllable Hand

There are many expensive 3D printed and flex sensor based robotic arms all across the vast internet. However, being a student I don't have much access to things like, CNC, 3D printers, and electric tools. I have a solution, we are going to build a low cost ($15-25) Arduino hand, which can be attached to a robotic arm. This will be the EXTREMELY EASY VERSION OF THIS PROJECT. Another big part of this project is it is



-Simple and Easy

-DOES NOT REQUIRE EXTERNAL POWER (The arduino built in guardrail should be fine)


Most of this stuff you can get from amazon.

You will need:

Arduino UNO R3

Breadboard (Basic) or Mini Breadboard

1 servo or more depending on how you want to do that.

Potentiometer (10k)

Lots of Cardboard

Hot glue gun

Jumper Wires

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard

Cut 5 small finger like cardboards. Cut 1 larger piece. Glue it together like a hand, you can also stick straws on the fingers to help with the stringing. Hot glue the servo upright to the palm of the hand.

Step 2: Circuitry

Just follow the basic circuit diagram I drew up for you guys below.

Step 3: Glove

wire the potentiometer into your glove and tie strings to it. Not a necessary step, just looks cooler if you do it :)

Step 4: Programming

110% of this projects difficulty is the programming. So I did it for you. If you would truly like to know what consists of the boring and nerd stuff (programming) then just dm me. Most of the functions are condensed so you wont be able to see them, dm if you want the 110 lines of code instead of the one I am giving you.




You have now constructed the 1 servo version of this glove. Using the potentiometer. If you want better results you can plug batteries in to their respective positive and negative ports on the breadboard, also if you want more servos, DM me and I can send you that updated code.