Introduction: (LED With Switch) Arduino Simulation Using Tinkercad Circuit

We are a group of UQD0801(Robocon 1) students from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) that will demonstrate how to simulate the LED with switch using Arduino and a few components as part of our assignment.

Therefore, we will introduce the basic system of Arduino and Tinkercad.

Then, you will build a LED with a switch by using Tinkercad circuit.

Step 1: List of Components

The figure above shows the diagram of the circuit

List of Components

Arduino Uno R3 X 1

LED (red) X1

Resistors (1k ohm) X 2

Pushbutton X 1

Jumper wire X7

Step 2: Build the Circuit

These are the steps to build the LED with switch circuit.


>>Current flows in one direction( the same row) in the breadboard.


1. Why my LED can't switch On?

-You need to remove the existing code in the CODE(block) section to create a new one. (You may refer to the steps for Simulation) on the following steps.


-Your connection of the components to the arduino is wrong.(Please refer the steps for building the circuit)

Still have problems, please watch the video to clear your doubts!

Step 3: Steps for Simulation

These are the steps for Simulation and the code blocks.


>>You need to create the variable for the Pushbutton (switch) for to code to ensure the buttons tate is included and able to run the code.

What is the variable of the Pushbutton (switch)?

To make it easier, just put buttonState. (You may create another name)

Step 4: Simulation Result

This video shows the simulation of the circuit. Happy learning!

Step 5: COMPLETE VIDEO FOR the Arduino Simulation in Tinkercad Circuits

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