Arduino Smart Gym Bar




Introduction: Arduino Smart Gym Bar

Everyday I think about my fitness , say I have to practice and do exercise. but actually I'm a very lazy person who need a motivation to start , So I turned my Pull Ups Bar into a very motivating and interesting tool for workout .

Features :

- Count Pull ups

- auto play music (of your pre-choice) during workout

- Track your progress

- auto post on facebook when you achieve your goal

- auto pause if you leave for a while
- auto progress reset if you leave for along time
Enjoy watching the video
Soon :
Data logger for your daily work

Send Statistics by E-mail

Step 1: Parts

1- Arduino Uno Board (Amazon)

2- 1Sheeld board (find the nearest distributor)

3 - Ultrasonic sensor Hc-SR04 (Local store)

4- 9v Battery with connector (Local Store)

5- 4x female-to-male jumper wires (Local Store)

6- 4x male-to-male jumper wires (optional for test )

7- Small Breadboard ( optional for test )


- Arduino IDE Download

- 1Sheeld Mobile App and Library Here

- Ultrasonic Library Here

*make sure to take a look at these shields

Facebook , Text-to-voice , Music Player and Terminal Shield

Step 2: Hardware Setup

1- mount 1Sheeld on top of The Arduino

2- Connect Ultrasonic as shown in Sketch
VCC=> to the 5v in 1Sheeld

GND=> to GND in 1Sheeld
Trig => to pin 10 in 1Sheeld

Echo => to Pin 11 in 1Sheeld

*make sure the Power switch shown above is turned to 5v (for Arduino Uno)
if you use another board check This

Step 3: Software

  • Make sure that the switch in Uploading mode
  • Upload the attached code

Step 4: Enjoy It

  • make the switch in operating mode
  • Connect the sensor as explained in step 2
  • mount the ( board,battery and sensor ) about 15cm beside the bar as shown in pictures (using double sided tape)
  • connect the mobile App with the Board and choose ( facebook,text-to-speech,music player and terminal shield).
  • connect the 9v battery to Arduino power socket

Enjoy your time and care about your fitness ;)

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    Mohamed Elamir
    Mohamed Elamir

    5 years ago

    Great work ?
    keep moving?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank You Mohamed ^^


    Reply 5 years ago

    Im not famillier with 1sheeld board. Can i made without 1sheeld


    5 years ago

    Great work , Keep going :D

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool. I know that I am such a nerd when I feel more motivated to get in shape when I can find a way to add technology to my exercises.