Introduction: Arduino Smart Line Following Robot Using IR Modules

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Line Following Robots are the most common icon for building any robot.Line followers are the stepping stone towards robotics.

Now we have been blessed with Arduino and bunch of good not just good but great be smart and don't waste your time in making complex circuits with separate sensors.There are bunch of sensor modules available in the market with built in comparators.

so wisely choose what you are going to do and what you have to do. We will see some of the very common and effective ways of making line following robot.We will start from basics and in further tutorials we will follow some complex algorithms.we will see PID implemented robots and some advance techniques in making smart robots.
Download the complete Code from this link:

Step 1: Step # 1 : Gather All the Stuff at One Place

Required Components:

  1. Arduino board/uno/nano/mega
  2. 3x IR sensor modules
  3. 2x Dc/servo motors
  4. Chassis
  5. Wheels
  6. Battery
  7. Caster wheel
  8. Jumper wires

These are the basic components you have to buy before making any further i will explain how to choose the right component and which one will be more suitable.
Actually i have already explained all these on the following link so can read the complete details about all the components and pin out configuration for IR modules from the following link:

Step 2: Code Construction and Logic

There are three main steps in the construction of coding.

1-defining the pins according to the connecting / inputs and outputs 2-Logic for sensors / The switch case 3-functions for motor directions

The very first part Before coding is to calibrate the sensor.Set a threshold for a sensor.

For working principle of line follower you must have some knowledge about how we move motors according to the logic.

For three sensors the logic will be :
010 Robot is on the line drive forward

100 turn medium Left

001 turn medium Right

110 Sharp turn left

011 Sharp turn Right

000 stop.
Download the Code from the link below and test it.