Introduction: Arduino Smart POV

Arduino Rotating LED Display is one of the best and easy project you can do with Arduino. POV stands for Perception of Vision i.e. it is just an illusion made by LEDs that are rotated in circular or oscillatory fashion so that it seems to us that letters are appearing in the air out of a rotating disc/bar on which LEDs are mounted.

Step 1: Working

Blinking of all columns one by one makes an illusion of a complete alphabet thus in this way a whole word is made to appear. Speed of motor needs to be high enough so that our eyes cannot feel the blinking effect of LED’s.

In the circuit, a pair of IR LED and Photodiode is used as an interrupt. When this pair move over the white strip it signals the Arduino that it has reached the starting position and LED’s starts blinking according to the text. So in this way LED’s blinks in the same pattern all the time after this interrupt point and we can see the text displayed on it.

Step 2: Component Required

  • Arduino Nano
  • 7 LEDs
  • 330-ohm resistors (7 pcs.)
  • DC Geared Motor ( 300rpm or above)
  • Jumper Wires/ Hookup Wires
  • IR Led and Photodiode
  • Battery

Step 3: Designing the Circuit

The layout of the PCB is designed using which is super easy to use .

At the attached files you can find the fritzing project which you can directly use to modify as per your need.

Step 4: Ordering Our 2$ PCB

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Step 5: Making Process

Follow the video for the guide for building this project or go through for full written tutorial.