Arduino - Smartphone Controlled Arduino Robot Car Via Bluetooth (G-Sensor)




Introduction: Arduino - Smartphone Controlled Arduino Robot Car Via Bluetooth (G-Sensor)

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Smartphone Controlled Arduino Robot Car via Bluetooth.With G-sensor the robot will move depending on the slope of your smartphone. Joystick can be operated in the normal mode by moving the slider with your finger.

Step 1: Required Hardware

Arduino Board -

Bluetooth HC-06 -

L293D -

Chassis -

DC Motor and Wheel -

Front Wheel -

F to F Wire -

M To M Wire -

Breadboard -

Battery 9V 9V Battery Clip -

9V Battery Cable -

Smartphone or Tablet

Recommended site -

Step 2: H-Bridge L293D

L293D is IC which is commonly used as a H-bridge.

There are also other IC’s like L298 etc. but in this tutorial, we will see how we can use L293D. At the same time, you can use Motor driver chip L298N in this project.

Step 3: Connection

HC-06 chip of Bluetooth module solderes to the module board containing DC-DC converter and level conversion RX and TX signals.

Chip HC-06 needs power of 3.3V, but thanks to the converters, you can connect this module to the boards power by 5V.

Step 4: Application

RemoteXY is easy way to make and use a mobile graphical user interface for controller boards to control via smartphone or tablet.

RemoteXY -

Step 5: Code

You can use these codes in both L293D and L298N.

I will share the added codes as a single section. So watch carefully where to add the code blocks I've added!

Get the Code -

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4 years ago

Hello, I wanted to start an arduino project so I started this small car, bought all the components and wanted to test everything out. It works perfectly, except for 1 thing.

When I connect RemoteXY to bluetooth it works, I then push the joystick in any direction either with my finger or with G-sensor and the wheels turn correctly, but then, after about 3 seconds, the wheels just keep turning and my phone disconnects from the HC-06.

Already checked the entire schematics and I did everything as was indicated in the video. The HC-06 is connected from TX to pin 2 on arduino (RX) and RX is connected to pin 3 of arduino, also the vcc is connected to 5V and GND to GND.

Can you help me debug this issue?

Babru Bahan Das
Babru Bahan Das

4 years ago

how to give power to arduino board, which is not swhon to your diagram


Reply 4 years ago

he probably forgot to include the power to the arduino in the diagram. you can achieve that by using another 9 volt battery and connecting it to the arduino.


4 years ago

This article I can copy into my website in indonesia