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Introduction: Arduino Stroboscopic Light

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Here is the tutorial how to build strobe using the Arduino.

Step 1: Marerials

You will need:

- Arduino board,

- 220 Ohm resistor,

- LED,

- 2 potentiometers,

- Battery.

Step 2: Building

Everything you need is in the picture. There is also my circuit.

You can use more LED's if you want to have stronger light.

Step 3: Software

Program for Arduino:

int pot1;

int pot2;

int val;

void setup() {

pinMode(9, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

pot1 = analogRead(0) * 30;

pot2 = analogRead(1) * 5;

val = 1025 * 5;

val = val - pot2;

digitalWrite(9, HIGH);


digitalWrite(9, LOW);

delayMicroseconds(val + pot1);



Step 4: How It Works

Stroboscopic light is a type of light that turns On and Off very fast (more than 100 times per second), too fast for human eyes. Mostly it's giving amazing effects, but it can also be dangerous.

To show you when, I've made engine from my LEGO bricks with rotating yellow blrick. There was nothing special until I turned On the srtoboscopic light and regulate it with potentiometers.

It looks awesome, almost staying still, but keep your fingers away!

Step 5: Conclusion

Stroboscopic light is produced by fluorescents, thats why they are always paired - when first is turned On second is turned Off, few microseconds later first is Off and second is On, and over and over again.

You can also find it on some parties - it creates nice effects when someone is moving next to it.


Build your own strobe and enjoy the effects!

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    5 years ago

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your code! I have two questions:

    1.How did you set up the multipliers for pot1 & pot 2 ( 30 and 5)?

    2. Why do you define val as 1025 * 5?

    Thank you in advance for your reply


    Reply 5 years ago

    1. This multipliters just worked gret with my camera, but any other value should also work.
    2. If val was 1023 or 1024 the strobe effect will stop in some cases (for example time when led is off could be set to 0 or even less).
    * 5 is the same multiplites as in pot2.


    6 years ago

    Great first instructable! Can't wait to see what you make next!