Introduction: RoboKoding SumoRobot

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This is a tutorial to build your own Sumorobot based on the ESP32 microcontroller. It can be either programmed over USB or Wi-Fi. All the source code, schematics files and documentation are publicly available on RoboKoding GitHub and on the RoboKoding Website.

Step 1: Things to Buy (BOM)

  1. 1 x Printed circuit board for the chassis here
  2. 1 x WEMOS D32 here
  3. 2 x MG995 servo motors here
  4. 1 x 3.3V distance sensor here
  5. 2 x line sensor ST188 here
  6. 1 x PCB slide switch here
  7. 0.1ohm 1W, 100ohm and 10k resistors
  8. 3 x 5mm LED (blue and yellow)
  9. 470uF electrolytic capacitors

Or you can order everything from the RoboKoding Website directly.

Step 2: Assembly

Follow the assembly instruction here.

Step 3: Programming

Follow the instructions here to program your SumoRobot.

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