Introduction: Arduino Super Easy Nokia LCD

6Line Code, Jumper less Nokia LCD for Arduino Step By Step with Library and compact sample Code.

Step 1: Unpack Nokia LCD and Solder Headers

unpack your Nokia LCD gently, and solder first 5 pins only!

we will push LCD to pin 3,4,5,6,7. as you can see you need GND and Vcc.

forget GND and take VCC(5v+) from pin2 and hardware setup Gone now.

Step 2: Unzip Arduino Library

Unzip U8lib-master to Arduino/Library exactly by folder, like other libraries files.

it makes ask copy certificate confirmation, just pass it true.

after unpacking library, go to open Arduino IDE, if you have it already Close/Open Arduino IDE.

Step 3: Open Code, Upload Code

simple Do/While the code was written by me to show basically needed commands to Print something like strings and numbers on LCD. since upload is done, look @ LCD....

Step 4: Enjoy LCD and Some Items May Help You

when you are writing Arduino code, the output of programs will print out to Serial out. must of Calculation in Analog or digital ports are sensitive and when the Arduino is connected to PC the number of ADC result is completely different from the time that Arduino connected to a battery or any other isolated power source. for this reason, try to use Nokia LCD for calculations output and disconnect Arduino from pc to check exact amounts and calculation response when it is not connected to pc and far as any other AC high power source.

the Nokia LCD is very cheap and over simple search, you will know how to make graphical pictures on Nokia LCD and will get how to convert logos and symbols for this LCD...

this is all that known as Nokia LCD on me...

Thanking you all in advanced

Seyed Marashi