Introduction: Arduino Synth Box

This is a synthesizer based off the OctoSynth tutorial.

Materials Needed:

Arduino Uno
USB Cable to connect Arduino to computer
Soldering Gun
Large thin copper sheet
Small speaker
2 small four-sided baskets
Foam to cut
Static resistance plastic
9 volt battery
Battery connecter
Toggle switch
Electrical Tape
Hot glue gun (optional)
This code

Step 1: Testing the Code

Plug in test wires to the Arduino Uno, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, -6, 7

Plug in the black wire of the speaker into GND, and the red wire into 11

Connect the Arduino Uno to a computer using the USB cord

Open up the Arduino software (it can be downloaded for free at

Paste in the OctoSynth code

Run the software and test to see if all the wires make noise

*Don't touch any of the touch points until after it runs through its musical sequence, which is very short*

Step 2: Setting Up the Wires

Remove the touch point wires and place headers into the slots where the wires were

Place the board over the headers to line them up

Remove the headers and the board

Solder touch point wires to the short side of the headers

Repeat the process for the speaker wire

Step 3: Build the Box

Find two containers with four sides. I chose a basket

Cut out the foam for the Aruino to sit on.

Cut a hole out for the battery

Cover the foam and battery with a static shield. I cut up the packing the Arduino came in. I'm not entirely sure this is necessary, but it shouldn't hurt.

Step 4: Connect the Battery and Switch

I lengthened my battery connecter wires. I cut the wires, added the new connecter, soldered them back together, and heat shrunk them to protect them.

Cut the red line on the battery connecter wire

Solder the switch to the lines

Step 5: Inner Assembly

Cut out cardboard for support for speaker and button

Place speaker and button in cardboard support and into the basket

Resolder speaker and button if needed.

Place everything in their spots

Step 6: Exterior Assembly

Cut up copper into pieces that fit your basket's sides

Glue copper pieces onto basket

Glue or solder touch point ends to copper

Be sure to test along the way to make sure all the points continue to work

Step 7: Play With the Toy