Arduino TFT Basic Text




Introduction: Arduino TFT Basic Text

Do you have an arduino TFT screen? Well then you can also use it to program this is a basic toturial.

You need this:

An Arduino UNO (also works for the arduino Mega)

An 2.4"UNO TFT Module (240*320 dots 8bit + touchscreen) It works only for this model !

Download these things:

The libraries [UPDATED]

Link to the code

Step 1: Connect

Add the libraries to the Arduino libraries folder.

And connect the screen to the Arduino.

Connect just like I do !!

Step 2: Done

Paste the code in your Arduino project and done !

If there are questions or problems let me know !

PS: This is my first instructable project I hope you enjoyed :)

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    Hi I´ve purchased a TJCTM24028 SPI TFT similar than you used in this article but I have many doubts about it even though I made it run as follows:

    A) ¿What is the right wiring connection without using 5-3.3v converters? I mean only with resistors.

    B) WHich are the right libraries to this module I have so that it can work put properly.?

    I modified some youtuber application adn it runs ok but just a few seconds later some white screen appears and it remains looping till i switch on reset.¿Whats is going on with it?¿Where am I wrong in?

    I attached the code I made,the wiring connections based in a russian youtuber and a little video so that you can see where I could be mistaken.

    Thanks a lot and have a really nice weekend!

    Gabriel Ciorciari

    Sin título.jpg

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hello, The problam can be that you indeed not use an arduino uno ... it wil also work onl with Ardiuino uno an the TFT screen I had becouse the code is made for that screen becouse it has an toutchscreen in it. (you can buy this screen on Aliexpress for 5 Euro.) PS: sorry for bad English


    Reply 3 years ago

    Sorry but I'm not good at Arduino .. I've been searching for a long time to make this the libbaries come from different sources of Internet ... :(